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DYNAMIX integrated concept for physiotherapy treatments and sports medicine

PHYSIOTHERAPY - Arthropathies, calcifications, myofascial pains, tendinopathies, distractions and toxicosis - F.T.R.

Rehabilitation of osteo-articular diseases, muscle-tendon induced by inflammatory states and chronic degenerative states. The treatments provide for the exclusive and combined use of:

-D.A.C.U. controlled mechanical diathermy, able to produce the stabilization of the extracellular matrix, increase of nerve conduction, alteration of vascular perfusion and increase of the nociceptive (pain) threshold.

-C.A.D. controlled, pulsed and continuous electromagnetic diathermy, capable of producing an increase in temperature at different depth levels, a decontracting, stimulating effect of tissue metabolism and an increase in peripheral microcirculation, both venous and lymphatic.

-M.T.D. it is a non-invasive treatment that uses a low-frequency current that causes an increase in the permeability of the tissues to promote the penetration of both low and high molecular weight substances.

NEURO KINESITERAPIA - Tissue pain, neurogenic pain, neuropathic pain, dynamic neural therapy - N.K.T.

Treatment of neurogenic algic states, induced by irritative states associated with algic syndromes and nervous entrapments.

Neurostimulation with frequency modulated microcurrents supports the rehabilitator in the treatment of the patient, both in pain management and in the optimization of functional rehabilitation. Neuromodulation acts directly on neurogenic pain (chronic pain, algodystrophy, Complex Regional Pain Syndrome ...).

The use of Dynamic Neurotherapy, a technique specifically studied by Dr. Roberto Bergamo FT. D.O., which associates manual therapy with some specific applications of microcurrents, allows a targeted and elective action on nerve entrapment syndromes (carpal tunnel, Guyon tunnel, Toracic Outlet Syndrome, outcomes of hernias, narrow canal ...).


Treatment of postural problems generated by tissue dysfunctions, both of genetic and post-surgical origin, of the lymphatic system, of the microcirculation and also of the chronic state due to a protein overload.
Lymphodystrophy and lipodystrophy treatments involve the exclusive and combined use of:

- H.I.C.U. high-powered mechanical diathermy, capable of producing an increase in the enzymatic activity, greater extensibility of the collagen and an increase in membrane permeability.

- H.D.C. electromagnetic diathermy controlled in temperature, able to produce a programmed and localized hyperthermia. The greater influx of liquids allows a more effective and long-lasting use of H.I.C.U.

- M.T.D. particular electrophoretic currents, already known in aesthetic medicine, allow to increase the permeability of the tissues, favoring the penetration of active ingredients at low and high molecular weight.

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