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Our history

2006 - The first brilliant experiments
The story was born in Via Enrico Notaio in Gualdicciolo, a small castle in the Republic of San Marino.
Romano Monti and Tiziano Pratellesi have in common a single great goal: to leave their mark in the field of international aesthetics.
AWB's life is a "sweet" story, made of love for his family, for his collaborators, for his products.
It is made of ideas and many innovative specialties.
A long and difficult journey awaits her, a fascinating journey, full of curiosity and information.
The adventure of two simple, brilliant and tenacious men, who brought the name of AWB to every continent.
The discovery of 38KHz
Times are certainly not easy, even the simplest materials become unobtainable with the global market crisis.
Tiziano is not discouraged and has a brilliant idea: to exploit the mechanical principle through piezoelectric compression.
We will start talking about a device, formed by an alternating current generator connected to a head.
We will start talking about a handpiece, made of a quartz, which by converting electrical energy into mechanics, transmits it to the tissues.
We will start to talk about the low frequency 38KHz ultrasound all over the world.
We will start talking about Cavitation.
Welcome to the world, Multicell ...

Design as if you were absolutely certain of what you are doing, then it optimizes as if I had done everything wrong from the beginning

J. Van Rijn

Life’s too short for bad software!

L. Cirne

Multicell I

2007 - Multicell I
From the laboratory located in via Notaio, the first AWB product comes out: The Multicell.
An innovative device for the time, wrapped in an elegant black dress made of aluminum machined from solid, purposely sewn
for the Gala parties, for a Sunday with the family, or for the upper middle class living room.
Monitor with buttons, components for the highest performance, materials of the highest quality and attractive design.
The low frequency ultrasound generator par excellence, a reference point in the aesthetic and physiotherapeutic sectors, for several years.
The adventure of two simple, brilliant and tenacious men, who have brought the name of AWB to every continent.
2007 - The expansion
The laboratory is now too small, and so we decide to move the factory to a larger one.
The new offices in Strada del Lavoro, Gualdicciolo, are born.
Meanwhile, in Italy, the rumor spread that the laboratory is looking for manpower: one or two workers no more, but it is a great opportunity.
2008 - An efficient sales network
We must introduce low frequency ultrasound even outside the Republic of San Marino.
Romano take care of it, organizing a very efficient and widespread sales network.
The idea seems to have come in a warm afternoon at the Fair, in Milan, when waiting for a wholesaler was surrounded by a crowd of people who wanted to buy the Product. In a short time the load was disposed of, and Romano thinks of organizing the direct sale, skipping the wholesalers using their own branded AWB.
A long series of sales and awards all over the world proved him right, and even today Romano and Tiziano are remembered as
"The Kings of Cavitation"

Where do you want to go today?

Microsoft luglio 1995


We make a change

Abraham Lincoln 1864
2010 - Company certification
Over the years, there is a need to distinguish itself from the companies present on the market all over the world.
For this reason, AWB decides as added value, to focus on a company and product certification, a guarantee of quality, essential for participating in public tenders, contracts or big business.
Certifications are a recognition that certifies the creation, growth and application of a Production, Management and Organization System compliant with specific reference standards, valid at international level.

Think different

Apple, PowerBookG3 1997
2011 - The birth of the Engineering, Beauty and Medical divisions
The range of products begins to expand, and is enriched with new specialties through a search for quality materials.
From the foreign markets, there was a growing demand for technologies, which often remained unsatisfied.
From this observation, intuition led to start an increasingly specialized trade in custom engineering.
With the wise use of advertising and promotional tools, AWB became one of the most important smart technology reference points.
Thus the three divisions were born, each with a well-identified Vision and Mission.
2011 - The 400KHz RF generator
Distinguishing itself for its attention to absolute quality and for its skills handed down, AWB launches the production of resistive radiofrequency technology, giving life to an extraordinary and ever-evolving project
2012 - Disruptive business choices
A courageous business choice: the direct sales network is closed, to further develop the partnership with its customers.
Respect for traditions, attention to new market needs are the main elements on which the group's identity is focused.
Innovazione nella comunicazione, e rafforzamento del concept di servizio.

AWB do it Better


400KHz RF generator


Keep calm, and join US

Anechoic chamber

2012 - The laboratory and the anechoic chamber
AWB becomes the first Italian production company equipped with an internal analysis laboratory that deals with studying, analyzing and controlling all the production and beyond. We want to verify the working environments, to guarantee safety and quality in all the processing phases.
2013 - The medical device
Dynamix is born, an innovative integrated concept for treatments in physiotherapy and sports medicine.
Know. choose. solve.

The Dynamix

2014 - Great ideas, for great passions
Quality, attention focused on the customer, research and innovation have always been company cornerstones.
They are also fully embraced by the second generation of the Pratellesi family, which has been in charge of the group over the years, and pays particular attention to customer satisfaction during the production phases and in the creation of packaging.
2015 - The Shock Wave
The legend tells of a cold autumn morning.
38KHz was sad and lonely.
On a morning like any other, Tiziano decided to innovate the type of emission through inelastic pressure waves.
It was like that, like a kiss to the sleeping beauty, discover the effect of resonance in biological systems.

For every new technology, there is always controversy and there is always some fear associated with it. This is the price to be the first!

H. Grant

The discoveries of each generation are refuted by the technology of the next

Dan Brown
2016 - A second youth
Happy Birthday AWB for your first 10 years
2016 - Expansion 2.0
The expansion on the territory of the Republic of San Marino is renewed, with a new production structure.
We inaugurate the plant, at the forefront of productivity and environmental performance.
We renew our image, according to our values and with an eye to the future and to the new needs of the consumer.
Current but linked to the history of the brand, daily with style, close to today's consumer, unmistakably Italian and quality.

Do the Right Thing

Google 2015
2017 - AWB navigates overseas
The main objective is to increase the attention towards the products of Italian tradition abroad, even in the face of the rules that limit their importation from Italy.
AWB's professionalism, commitment and care is recognized in over 20 countries around the world.

...Many beautiful things...

Lilia G.

2018 - The idea

Intellectual curiosity has led us to take a path that we are sure will remain in history. We have never stopped, and we will never stop.
When a jpeg, it's better than a thousand words.

To make great strides, we must not only act, but also dream, not just plan, but also believe.

Anatole France
2019 - Today
It's just the beginning of a story of quality, innovation and love for an excellent job ...

The most exciting challenge of our company is the ability to continuously improve in all the activities we do. The stakes are the sustainability of our growth, our future, the future of our children

Guido, Luca e Paolo Barilla 1993

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